Matt's Vision

Matt’s vision is restoring decorum, professionalism, and respect back to a better Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. He believes that serving the public with humility and gratitude will create a The communities he serves deserve the utmost level of respect and professionalism. Matt’s personal mantra is “public service over self-service.”

Matt’s number one priority is transforming law enforcement to fit the needs of today’s society. He is convinced that doing things the old way is no longer sustainable. In order to facilitate change, Matt will seek input from all segments of the community and work tirelessly to re-build trust.

Matt will ensure that “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” is the cornerstone of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s approach to delivering quality law enforcement to the communities it serves. Under his leadership, all deputies will serve Responsibly, Ethically, Sensibly, Professionally, Empathetically, Civilly, and Transparently (RESPECT) in order to gain the trust and consent necessary to preserve the public peace.

Matt will be the forward-thinking, open, honest, and cooperative partner the community desperately needs. Matt envisions being “your sheriff and your steward of the public trust.”

Our Priorities

our priorities

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