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Matt Rodriguez
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Matt Rodriguez

2022 Los Angeles County Sheriff

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A Proven Leader With The Vision & Ability to Impact Change.

As a thirty-two year law enforcement and security specialist in government, Matt is a proven commodity in his field. He retired as a Captain from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Matt also served as the Deputy Director of Transit Security for the Transit System in San Diego, Interim City Administrator and Director of Public Safety in the Citty of Commerce, and Public Safety Manager at Metrolink. Most recently, he was the Interim Chief of Police and Assistant Chief of Police in the City of Santa Paula.

Matt possesses four academic degrees, including a Master’s Degree in Executive Leadership from the School of Public Policy at USC, a Master’s in Public Administration from Cal State Long Beach, A Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science from UCLA, and an Associate of Science Degree in Administration of Justice from Citrus Community College.

Matt is a respect-based leader. He believes “RESPECT” is the cornerstone to delivering quality law enforcement services to the community. He serves Responsibly, Ethically, Sensibly, Professionally, Empathetically, Civilly and Transparently. His greatest attribute is listening and bringing people together to solve community problems. With your help, as a community, Matt hopes to partner with you as architects of a new model of law enforcement which can be emulated across the country. With humility and gratitude, Matt looks forward to serving you as the next leader of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.


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mission & vision

Our Mission & Vision

Together we the people of Los Angeles County can achieve more together than any single
person could ever do alone.

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Our Stance On Police Reform

Matt firmly believes that law enforcement in its current state is no longer sustainable. He is an experienced law enforcement official who has witnessed first-hand the aftermath of abuse at the hands of law enforcement. He was present in a radio car in South Los Angeles when the Rodney King riots began, and watched attentively as the country erupted from the tragedy of the George Floyd incident. Matt knows that change needs to take place and reforming law enforcement is his number one priority. With the help of leaders from throughout the community, Matt is confident that we can transform the face of law enforcement in order to serve all members of the community.

Community Partnerships

It is critical that law enforcement and pertinent stakeholders throughout the community form partnerships in order to ensure public safety. Matt believes that the community and law enforcement should be one in the same. The relationship between the two is essential to maintaining public trust. Public safety is a shared responsibility that requires positive working relations built upon public consent, trust, understanding, and innovation. As Sheriff, Matt will rally the community to join the Sheriff’s Department to solve problems and create a safer community for all.


As a young deputy sheriff working the Los Angeles County Jail, Matt learned the importance of showing respect in all of his interactions with people. The importance of respect was reinforced when Matt patrolled the streets of Los Angeles County. The concept of respect has resonated with Matt his entire life. He believes “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” is the cornerstone to delivering quality law enforcement to the communities we serve. Matt is a public servant who conducts himself Responsibly, Ethically, Sensibly, Professionally, Empathetically, Civilly and Transparently (RESPECT).
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Our Stance on Cannabis in Los Angeles County

Matt supports and embraces legalized cannabis and the community it serves. He realizes that many people enjoy a better quality of life due to the medicinal benefits of cannabis. As Sheriff, Matt will ensure that legitimate cannabis is available in a responsible manner that ensures community safety and harmony. Matt believes that the gray area cannabis trade is a direct threat to the community. Violence and threats from gray area suppliers to the community demand responsible regulations in consultation with all affected communities.

Since the vast majority of cannabis usage in Los Angeles County is being provided by illicit vendors, it is critical the illegal cannabis industry is provided a pathway to legitimacy. Matt is concerned about quality control and believes all cannabis should meet the strict testing standards as set forth by the State of California. With the advent of fentanyl and other illicit substances, untested cannabis products should not land in the hands of cannabis users. The threat and consequences of untested products is too real and far too dangerous to allow it to continue in its current state.


Matt takes an extreme humanistic approach toward homelessness. He fundamentally believes that no person should live without shelter. He has been dealing with the issue of homelessness since 2003, when as the sergeant of a city COPS Team he and his deputies encountered their first homeless encampment in a riverbed in South Los Angeles. As a transit expert in both Los Angeles and San Diego, and a public safety director, Matt has worked closely with homeless advocates to provide proper housing, medical, and mental health care for the homeless community. In order to address the homeless crisis, Matt realizes we need to create systems that work. That means not stigmatizing the homeless and criminalizing homelessness, but rather supporting communities and engaging the homeless to find viable, sustainable solutions.

Rapid re-housing is essential, along with permanent supportive housing, crisis response, income opportunity, and comprehensive access to all necessary human services. Matt believes we need to build a coalition made up of partners from the Federal, State, and Local levels toward addressing the issue. As Sheriff, Matt intends to host symposiums and localized community workshops to address viable and equitable solutions to the ever-growing homeless problem.

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Matt Rodriguez For Sheriff 2022

Together, we the people of Los Angeles County can achieve more than any single person could ever do alone. Our vision & mission for Los Angeles is very forward thinking and will have a positive impact on people from all walks of life and age groups. 


mission & vision

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